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mesdames plissées

pendant lampshades

material: fabric, flame retardant

dimensions: various, designed on request

The lamps are made of large pieces of fabric, that are folded several times. The combination of two different folding directions creates stability and freedom of shaping at once.

By unfolding the segments, hills and valleys are formed.
Each lamp is shaped by hand and fixed at the end of manufacturing process. There are four designs available, all are delivered completely assembled.

At the same time, this special technique provides an immens freedom of design. Almost every shape is possible. Special designs or sizes, harmonized with your interior, can be manufactured easily on request.

The numerous foldings and a special kind of fabric make the lamps, that appear rather fragile, surprisingly stiff. Besides, the fabric is very UV resistant and flame retardant (B1), which is important espacially for public buildings.

Even cleaning is easy: dust can be removed with a vacuum cleaner or an electrostatic duster, dirty spots are cleaned with a microfibre cloth.

Order and Delivery

mesdames plissées are manufactured on request. Size, shape and colour can be varied 
according to your demands. They are delivered assembled, finished in shape and size 
(not packed flat).


Send your request to:

Prices (net + shipping):
Madame Nuage:     1.640 Euro
Madame Amphore:     1.390 Euro
Madame Anémone:    1.690 Euro
Madame Rosette:    1.550 Euro

Brochure about mesdames plissées
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